New Defibrillator Installed in Sedbury Space

A defibrillator has been installed in the new first aid area in Sedbury Space. Our Health and Safety Officer has been keen to install one since the centre opened. Although there is a defibrillator near the shops in Sedbury, it was recognised by the Health and Safety Officer that for those people unable to run and get it, it would take too long to have the lifesaving equipment on scene. 

With a huge thanks to the Renishaw and Allan Fuller Ltd for grants which helped Sedbury Space pay for over half of the cost of the defibrillator. 

Training is now being delivered to the volunteers so that if in the unfortunate incident of someone needing it on the premises, it is used safely and effectively, with hopefully a better outcome for the person involved.


Posted on the 3rd May 2019 at 7:33pm.